Most will say that they just want Truth. However, when Truth is introduced to them, they then say it is something else other than Truth. This Vlog, as my sister Patricia calls it, will include knowledge that I have learned. This knowledge was then assimilated and integrated to become “my Truth”.

My foundation for many of my Vlogs will be based upon the Holy Scriptures found in Job 22:27- 28 (AMP). In other words, as Job lets us know, when I am fired up with the endless power and will of God, I am promised that when I decree a thing, Life shall move into action. The Elements shall love to favor my decree and become. The other Scripture is Jeremiah 33:3 (AMP). It has been over five years and I am still seeing (333) everywhere. This is an ascension frequency, and I am reminded to make the call for upon the crown of The Mighty I Am Presence that dwells within each of us are the words: “COMMAND YE ME” (Isaiah 45:11).

Furthermore, Prophet Isaiah declares that when I make the call I am answered, but not only that. When I make the call the Mighty, Majestic I AM within me and above me will show me great and mighty things. Things that are fenced in…hidden, which I do not know or distinguish and recognize, neither do I have knowledge of or understand. However, through revelation these things will not be hidden from me, but I will have complete understanding…being able to distinguish and recognize. And finally, having knowledge and understanding so that I can comprehend.

Therefore, as you listen to each Vlogs, have an open mind. Philosophy is not my major, Truth is! I challenge you: Truth or Dare…I know it is Truth and I Dare you to prove me right and believe. We have forgotten long enough. Wake up out of your sleep…rouse to reality and Jesus the Christ will give you light. In the Presence of The Christ, I call you Blessed. In the Presence of the Christ, I Bless you with perfect understanding. Amen!