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10 January, 2021– 08 February, 2021…
Theme: A Time of Cleansing To Become The Instrument of the Mighty I AM Presence…the Christ within….

You may as this fast infers eat only vegetables and water.

When doing a fast with water, it normally takes 14 days for all toxins to be removed completely from the body. Usually after five days, the appetite for food has left and the strong initial side effects of toxic purging are primarily behind you (Brooks, 2012). 

The stomach and the inner organs go into a restful “hibernation” while your body focuses 100% on removing all remaining toxins stored deeply in the cells of fatty tissue. Fasting with water combined with prayer is also the fastest way to subdue the flesh. The key to successfully fasting with water is to drink lots of water preferably alkaline, distilled or spring water, which will speed up the detoxification process, combined with spending as much time in prayer as possible (Brooks, 2012).

Contemplation: Is. 58:14 – Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth….(KJV)